Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Interdisciplinary Post

Assignment for the week is to "link" my blog subject to a different class subject I have. But the class I have this blog for is English... so the question arises. How does one link books to a subject other than English? Simple. Is story telling not an art? Are there not several forms? No two pieces are identical? Why not compare the various forms to art. Think about it. Don't paintings tell a story? And vice versa, While reading a book or listening to one, Don't they paint pictures? The answer is yes, though that opinion may just come down to who's being asked if your not a fan of either. 

Some of you may think I'm comparing apples to oranges, but I'm really not. You have to be imaginative in some way or another to either make art or publish a book. Putting that aside for now, lets compare genres. Non-fiction means something real. It wasn't made up. Generally with the term 'non-fiction' is associated with writing, but is it strictly only for writing? In the art world, it could be referred to as a still life. A depiction of something real. Stereo-typically for an example, most would think of a painting of some type. If your still not sure what one is, think of a painting of a bowl of fruit, or an existing landscape. When trying to paint one as close to real as possible your painting a still life. Something that exists, or 'is real'. 

Other genres could be fiction, fantasy, etc. These could all be linked to any type of art! Realistic fiction could be linked to a piece of art depicting something realistic, though not necessarily some thing that exists. Something straight out of someones imagination. It looks as though it could exist somewhere, but probably doesn't. Unrealistic fiction, like fantasy for an example, could be related to abstract or surreal art. Not a chance it could really happen or exist, but people like it. It sparks peoples imagination. 

Still don't believe writing and art can coexist? Well then continue reading, because they cross over with each other all the time. For those of you who are aware art and writing are linked can stop reading any time, I guess. Examples of cross overs include but are not limited to: Comics, Manga, Graphic novels, any picture book or book with pictures, and yes, any book with a cover of some kind. That's right, if a book has any type of cover or color or anything its has been artistically approved. Even if a cover has nothing but the title and authors name, someone had to direct the color scheme and placement of said title and name of author. Someone was bound to think it looked good enough to publish. The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" wasn't created for no reason. Generally if a book cover looks good, it sparks your interest enough for you to pick it up and examine it. Thank the cover. Lastly there are so many different types of are constructed from words and books and pages with words on them its stifling. There is probably an uncounted amount of different art pieces and book covers out around the world. And I'm not one to get cheese saying that, but the meaning is literal. Its literally everywhere. Google it. I dare you.

~Let the mayhem begin. 

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