Friday, February 7, 2014

Guest Blog!!

Drum roll please!!! Today's post is, you guessed it, a guest blog. What is that you might ask? Basically fellow blogger Xochitl Cabrera, from Facial Expressions for the World, will take command of this blog post, when I finish up this intro. If you guessed that she would talk about her subject, you are sadly mistaken. If you figured she would be reviewing some form of reading material, then congrats! The literature she will be reviewing is a little horror comic called Enigma of Amigara Fault, by Junji Ito.

I chose to do my guest post on Kinsley's Blog about book reviews because she told me about this super creepy comic and suggested I should read it. After reading the comic, I was creeped out and decided to write about what I thought about the comic. The comic I read is a Japanese comic called Enigma of Amigara Fault by Juni Ito. Enigma of Amigara Fault is a horror comic about a earthquake that leaves people like shapes on mountains. There is only one of a kind so not just any random person can go into a hole. The holes leave people striking with fear and curiosity and somewhat hypnotizes them and forces them to find their hole. Once you find your hole you become attached to it and without knowing end up going in it. The weird thing is that there is no way out. Or at least that is what the people think. It is not until towards the end of the comic that they find a way out of the holes. This is where it gets weird. The people that came out of the holes were all deformed! According to a legend, the holes were made to get people to pay for their sins! They were paying by becoming nasty looking monsters that society would reject. After reading this comic I decided that I would not go hiking alone. EVER. Any ways, even though this comic was creepy and weird and somewhat nasty, I actually enjoyed reading it and recommend others to read it as well. Also the pictures shown on the comic are really weird because it shows how monster looking the people look when they come out of their holes. Before Kinsley told me about Enigma of Amigara Fault, I could not see myself reading any comics. Especially scary ones.  


Xochitl's Blog

Read the comic online

The book recluse here! I didn't find a site that sold this comic individually, and I'm not completely sure there are English copies available, but there's a link to read it online for free.

~Let the mayhem begin.

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