Friday, May 23, 2014

Passion for accuracy!

Hello~! In this post I'm am going to talk about a very important and terrible subject. Inaccurate movies. Now, anyone who reads knows that the books are always better than the movies. But it still doesn't make this any less of a crime, when a movie either sucks, or just plain doesn't follow anything in the book. What do movie writers think they mean by doing things "by the book,"? Its an outrage! Now, bad affects or bad actors I can forgive, but a completely different plot structure? Characters who look, and act nothing like how they are portrayed in their book(s)? Where will the slaughter end?!

I enjoy movies that follow the true story. Even movies based on true events. If a movie isn't historically accurate that's all I can focus on instead of the main story. It just takes away the glory of a movie, knowing that it's all a lie. The blow isn't as bad when I've already seen the movie, before reading the book, but still... It always takes away. I can even forgive, or overlook small changes, or alterations of events that never happened. But when that small change leaves out a small, yet crucial, detail, it creates holes in the story.

Imagine story holes worked like this: For every story hole, or part in the movie that said hole affects, or should affect but doesn't, part of the movie gets blurred out. You're sitting in a theater watching the premier, when all of a sudden it looks as though someone is burning holes in the projectors film roll. Every time something is affected either a new hole opens up, or an old hole gets bigger. If you haven't read the book, these holes are easy to ignore, but if you have, It's really hard to watch the movie, and it's like you've suddenly come down with a severe case of OCD. Most people out there might be thinking, "Okay only so many people can have OCD right? Just get over it," But, think about it. It's opening night. Probably 90% of the people watching that movie are crazed fans, having major OCD issues, and are internally in an uproar.

Doesn't sound very good does it? There are two types of fans out there. Fans who become angry when a movie misrepresents a great book, and crazy fan girls who only became fans of the books after watching the movies. Some are people, and some you can't really talk to. You don't really want to tick off either, so can't we just fix both problems by keeping the movies accurate, with out getting an overdose on, "Hollywood Magic,"? Guys...Let's stop the murder of good stories.

~Let the Mayhem Begin